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Wire Wrapping Materials

Standard Wire
When starting my jewelry business, it was important for my jewelry to be beautiful AND AFFORDABLE! So, instead of using precious metals such as silver and gold, I researched other wire options to find one that was beautiful, durable and colorfast. I first tried raw metals such as copper and brass -- but they tarnished WAY too quickly. I then moved on to coated wire and tried the wire from a bunch of different companies -- testing for quality, wire hardness, durability and colorfastness. The non-tarnish coated copper core wire from Parawire became a clear winner! (I am not affiliated with Parawire in any way.) This wire met all my expectations and then some!

100% Hypoallergenic Niobium Wire
Niobium has got to be my favorite metal -- not only because of its cool name, but also because it is element #41 on the periodic table! That means unlike silver or gold, Niobium is not mixed with ANY OTHER METAL -- it's ALL Niobium! This is why it's the best metal to use for sensitive skin. It is colored by 'painting' the metal with electricity and the voltage amount controls the color.