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Whale Spout Spiral Ring with Pink Rhodochrosite Stone

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This beautiful wire wrapped ring resembles a whale spout and is made out of high quality non-tarnish coated copper wire and a beautiful Pink Rhodochrosite stone. Delicate and free spirited, this boho statement ring is sure to get many admiring glances!

Name: Whale Spout

SIZING: You can choose from sizes 3 to 14!

WIRE COLORS: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Vintage Bronze and Antique Copper.

STONE: Rhodochrosite: Supports new beginnings, intentions, dreams, along with the manifestation and actualization of this course of action; Helps to create a dynamic, joyful and itive attitude lifting depressed moods and bringing lightness and playfulness into life; Empowers and helps one to recover “lost” or abandoned innate gifts that have been ditched out of fear and procrastination; Calming to the heart and endearing to the soul, Rhodochrosite resonates with feelings of inner peace, forgiveness for self and others, and encourages one to bust out of their comfort zone to blossom and fully develop into the person that they were meant to be; Helps one find the courage and fortitude to follow their heart’s passion and dreams.

SHIPPING: Rings are shipped inside a cotton filled box (all ready for gift giving) and the box inside a bubble package.

IMPORTANT: All rings are created by hand just for you, so your ring may not look EXACTLY like the picture.

Materials: Copper,Stone

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