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Whale Spout Spiral Ring with Green Garnet Stone

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This beautiful wire wrapped ring resembles a whale spout and is made out of high quality non-tarnish coated copper wire and a beautiful green Garnet stone. Delicate and free spirited, this boho statement ring is sure to get many admiring glances!

Name: Whale Spout

SIZING: You can choose from sizes 3 to 14! Don't know your US ring size? Learn how to find your US ring size at http://bit.ly/findUSringsize

STONE: Garnet - Stokes the passionate fire in one’s life enhancing creativity, sexuality, and stimulates the rise of the kundalini energy; Helps one to recognize individual responsibility with respect to personal freedom; Also known as the “stone of commitment” as its loving vibrations reflect the attributes of devotion, warmth and understanding to self, to others, and to one’s pure in life; Garnets indicate loyalty, unchanging affection and grace; Opens the heart and increases feelings of self-confidence; Strengthens the survival instinct bringing courage and hope when dealing with challenging situations; Helps to dissolve outworn patterns releasing resistance and self-sabotage behaviors that no longer serve one's highest good; Garnet is a manifestation stone vibrating with the energy of prosperity and the enjoyment of worldly pleasures, creativity and LOVE.

WIRE COLORS: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Vintage Bronze and Antique Copper.

SHIPPING: Rings are shipped inside a cotton filled box (all ready for gift giving) and the box inside a bubble package.
IMPORTANT: All rings are created by hand just for you, so your ring may not look EXACTLY like the picture.

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