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Twisted Cyclops with Golden Rutile Quartz Stone

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This beautiful, handcrafted spiral ring evokes the free spirited look of the gypsy and is made out of high quality non-tarnish coated copper wire with a beautiful golden Rutile Quartz stone. It is named for the single large stone that seems to stare out of the twisted wire. A unique twisting method was used for the band in order to make the ring adjustable. Delicate and free spirited, this boho statement ring is sure to get many admiring glances!

NAME: Twisted Cyclops

STONE: The golden rutilated quartz helps remove anxiety, fears, and self-constrictions and facilitate transitions, providing a solution to any current problems. It also acts as an anti-depressant, soothing dark moods. If you are feeling fatigued or lethargic, then golden rutilated quartz is a powerful energy booster. Another little-known power of the golden rutilated quartz is its talismanic properties. It helps protect you from danger and troubles -- helping you wade through troubled paths in your relationship and help maintain peace. It also helps encourage self-control and courage, uplifting your mood and power in order to make you feel great. The crystal also helps protect you from hopelessness, sadness, and loneliness. It also helps relieve any fear, anxiety or phobias you might have from your past relationships, forgiving yourself on all levels.

SHIPPING: Rings are shipped inside a cotton filled box (all ready for gift giving) and the box inside a bubble package.

IMPORTANT: All rings are created by hand just for you, so your ring may not look EXACTLY like the picture.

Handmade item

Materials: Quartz, Copper

Made to order

Length: 7.5

Height: 1